Wellington Drain Camera Inspections

We provide rapid, professional drain inspection services.

No Job too big or too small

From clearing blocked pipes to tackling major drainage projects, our expert team can handle it all.

Qualified Technicians

Skilled, certified, and dedicated our experienced team swiftly diagnose and expertly resolves your drainage issues.

We have seen it all

From minor residential blockages to intricate industrial drainage systems, we've navigated every challenge imaginable.

Professional CCTV drainage camera inspection Wellington

For all your CCTV Inspection Solutions Commercial and Domestic

Uncovering the root of your drainage problems

Using high-resolution full-colour drainage CCTV cameras we can locate and identify your drainage issues and offer the best solution. We send a camera into the drain and record what’s going on inside. You can see exactly what’s happening in your drains.

We can uncover any blockages and foreign objects as well as analysing the condition of your ceramic and PVC drains. We use the footage and work with you to decide if they should be maintained or replaced.

All camera drainage camera inspections are recorded and discussed with you.

Why choose a drainage camera inspection?

  • High-Resolution Full-Colour Cameras
    Drain cameras are equipped with high-resolution lenses that capture detailed images and videos of the interior of pipes.
  • Comprehensive Analysis
    Our cameras can detect blockages, foreign objects, and assess the condition of your ceramic and PVC drains, ensuring a thorough inspection.
  • Transparent Process
    The entire drainage camera inspection is recorded, and you can observe firsthand what’s happening in your drains.
  • Collaborative Solutions
    We provide you with the footage and collaborate with you to decide whether maintenance or replacement is the most suitable course of action.
  • Detailed Reporting
    Our detailed reports provide insights into the current state of your drainage system, empowering you to make informed decisions about its maintenance or renovation.

“I can not speak highly enough of this team or their suitability as professional drain layer”

Drainage Control (NZ) Ltd have been employed by us as drain layer for our drainage maintenance since 2017 and we found him honest, considerate and helpful at every job. He is experienced and always has fix strategy, he knows the different types of drainage system for varies job, they arrive on site when they say they will be on site. We believe that anything he and his team undertake will be carried out to the best of their ability with quality workmanship. Their work have always been satisfactory. I can not speak highly enough of this team or their suitability as professional drain layer.

-Tong Liu, Wellington