Land Seepage & Basement Seepage

Seepage water or water ingress that finds its way into your home or building is bad news. It can cause immediate damage and untold stress.

Insurance companies are becoming more reluctant to pay out unless a viable solution can be found. Here at Drainage Control NZ Ltd we have the tools, the expertise and the experience to deal with such calamities, be rest assured that we can solve and fix this problem giving you peace of mind in the process.

Seepage water can also be a major problem for your basements, lawns and property sections. Lawns can then become unusable making recreation time and enjoying your garden impossible. The trees and shrubs can also develop ‘wet feet’.

Installing new drainage systems like French drains can greatly improve these areas to drain freely helping lawns to recover and for boggy areas to dry out. By installing a ground water drainage system seepage water can be effectively channeled to an appropriate stormwater outlet. If a gravity option can’t be achieved a pump design can be very effective to take seepage water quickly out of your lawn, basement and property sections.