Broken Sewer Drain

Broken sewer drains can be caused by a multitude of reasons. The most common cause of a broken drain is the older style drains such as; Earthenware, Terracotta Clay, these drains can sometimes be as old as the house. Number one enemies are Tree Root intrusion, Earthquakes and Subsidence. Broken sewer drains are a major health issue. Classic signs of a broken drain are; a foul smell of sewer gas, a damp or wet area or visible cracks outside of the property. Broken sewer drains can be repaired and replaced, see images.

Damage of pipework caused by tree root intrusion, classic example pohutukawa trees. Older style drains. Earthquake tremors subsidence. Broken Gully traps, Overflow from kitchen sinks and bathrooms. Broken Buchan Traps. Underground service utility companies.